Monk_temple.jpg Welcome to Madaris

Madaris is a subtropical region known for its abundant stone quarries and rich mines of precious metals and stones. Madaris also has vast areas of fertile land; ideal for growing a variety of crops and for grazing live stock. Along the coast fisheries prosper due to the abundance of sea life along the Allayan Straight. Madaris also has vast regions of largly unexplored forested and untamed wilderness. Much effort is made to keep roads and hunting paths clear of undesirable goblinoid kind in these regions but the creatures find the misty and dense forests a perfect place to make their homes, as their presence can easily be camouflaged and their tracks can disappear within hours of their passing. These forests have uncharacteristically primordial aspects and the landscape may seem to change from season to season. In some areas the mist is so dense as to cause even the most seasoned of Rangers to lose their way. These forests seem to be fighting the ever encroaching invasion by the civilized races. A more tamed Madaris exists west of the Caiter River where much of the ancient forest has given way to rich and fruitful farmlands. By contrast east of the river nature seems to be less pliable and the ever lush forests dominate much of the land, from Lagus to Kaaryn and north to Corlay. Despite the difficulty to tame these mysterious woods there still exists pockets of settled homesteads that have survived for hundreds; even thousands of years. Its hearty people have long ago learned how to live in harmony with the fickle mood of the wood spirits.


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